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posted: Thursday, March 27, 2014
Many times liberty is identified as freedom or personal rights. Where the terms, by definition, are interchangeable with one another they really have different meanings. Liberty is a relationship between a government and its citizens. The idea is the governing authority will impose restrictions on everyone so everything is equal for all. So stealing, as an example, is illegal in the hopes that it will deter the strong from preying on the weak.

Freedom and personal rights are directly related to liberty. The more liberty the government affords its citizens the more personal freedom one has. So now, as an example, say stealing is illegal but only if the theft is greater than a certain value? This has expanded everyone’s freedoms and personal rights. They can steal so long as they don’t take too much. So we see in this example the more liberty we are afforded the more freedom we have, which of course makes the opposite true as well.